The Anesthesia Billing Process

We know how complex the medical billing process can be and that you may be overwhelmed with the cost and process related to having surgery.

CPR Anesthesia, Inc works will all insurance carriers, including Medicare and Medicaid, and we are here to minimize the confusion and hassle by submitting all anesthesia bills directly to your insurance company for payment on your behalf.

Submitting a Claim

It may take some time for the insurance carrier to process the claim.  If the claim is denied, we can file an appeal on your behalf, in which you may receive a statement or invoice for the anesthesia portion of your surgery.

In many cases, there may still be a balance due from you for deductible or co-payment amounts after your insurance has paid our claim. This balance can then be submitted to your secondary insurance, or you will receive a statement for the amount due. 

If at any time you have questions about your invoice, charges, or balance due, please contact our billing department.