CPR Anesthesia offers a full scope of anesthesia-specific billing services.

Through the partnership with a premier provider, our anesthesia-specific services are as follows:

  • Anesthesia contract negotiations with all payors
  • Anesthesia-specific software to ensure every charge is properly captured
  • Clean claims submitted the first time ensures prompt payments
  • Continuous monitoring for financial performance to ensure financial goals are attainable and being met
  • Review of billing and collections to ensure promptness of reimbursements and timely submittal of new charges
  • Periodic review of managed care contracts to ensure above market reimbursement rates, thus reducing facility exposure

If you aren’t using anesthesia specific billing software, along with certified coders and billers with anesthesia-specific experience, you are most likely not capitalizing on all reimbursable anesthesia billing.

To see if CPR Anesthesia, Inc. can begin increasing your bottom line thru lost reimbursements contact us today for a complimentary assessment!