Considering a locum tenens anesthesia provider?

With over 16 years of staffing anesthesia providers for facilities, and surgical centers, we understand all that goes into utilizing locum tenens. We consider cost when pairing you with the most talented anesthesia provider and ensure they are in close proximity to your facility.

When should you use Locum Tenens?

  • When there is a gap in coverage due to a provider's illness, continuing medical education, maternity leave, vacation, etc.
  • When extra coverage is needed during peak cycles.
  • To reduce unnecessary overhead and eliminate the need to hire a full-time provider.
  • When there are delays in finding a provider for a full-time position.

Benefits of brining on Locum Tenens from CPR Anesthesia, Inc.:

  • Prevent loss of revenue from unscheduled absences.
  • Increase OR utilization.
  • Provide an immediate solution to a vacancy.
  • Allow both provider and organization to see how well they work together before a full-time commitment is made. Sometimes called a “working interview."
  • Ensure continuity of high-quality care.
  • Control staffing costs by reducing the need for FTEs during peak seasons.
  • Reimbursement to provider is made on a weekly basis. You’ll never have to worry about a provider leaving due to not getting paid.
  • Assist with credentialing.
  • Provide malpractice insurance with tail coverage.

If your facility needs immediate coverage, contact us today! Our average fill-time for an emergency is less than 4 hours from when you contact us, to the time our provider walks into the OR!