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CPR Anesthesia, Inc. is the solution for all your anesthesia needs. As a national practice we offer a wide range of services from full-service anesthesia management to back up coverage for your existing model. We recruit and retain highly qualified anesthesia professionals to guarantee patients receive the highest level of care possible.

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Anesthesia Group Management

CPR Anesthesia, Inc. is the missing piece to the puzzle. Our full-scale management of your anesthesia department will eliminate the burden from the facility. 

Surgical Nurse

CRNA/MDA Placement

We are looking for highly qualified providers nationwide. Join us today and begin experiencing the CPR Anesthesia difference! 

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Anesthesia Staffing Support

We are here to support your anesthesia department with any staffing need.

Are You Our Missing Piece?

Are you the superhero to introduce us to our next provider? Do you know someone who would be interested in working with us? Tell us about them and receive a referral bonus!

Is Your Facility Losing Time and Money?

We understand the importance of efficiency for providers, facilities and the patients they serve.

A comprehensive assessment of your facility will bring to light areas in need of improvement.

Let our industry experts guide you toward a more efficient and profitable way of providing anesthesia services. 

We are professional problem solvers.

CPR Anesthesia, Inc. is dedicated to resolving and eliminating any anesthesia management, staffing or billing issues that arise in an anesthesia department.

Request a Complimentary Assessment of your Anesthesia Department

Efficiency and profitability are key to a successful anesthesia department. Allow our industry experts to take a comprehensive look into your department to uncover areas for improvement while also providing lasting solutions for the future. 

“I’ve been working for CPR anesthesia for about 7 years. It has been a very delightful relationship. They do a good job in working with me and my needs. It’s easy to reach them with any issues, be it scheduling or time off. I feel heard, respected and valued. We have a great competent anesthesia team at our facility. I highly recommend CPR anesthesia.”

Dr. Rasheed

“I’ve worked with CPR Anesthesia now for many years and it doesn’t feel like I am working with just a group, but more like a family. Alecia and everybody at CPR Anesthesia knows me on a personal level and this helps them place me in job opportunities that they know I will thrive in and enjoy! I love working with CPR Anesthesia!”

W. Swindlehurst MSN CRNA
We have not succeeded until we have exceeded the expectations of our clients.

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