Group Management

We focus on the business aspects while the provider focuses on the patient!

CPR Anesthesia, Inc. has the ability to manage your entire anesthesia operation. This takes a tremendous burden off of you, freeing you to focus on more pressing issues.

Q & A

Has your facility ever had to reschedule procedures because anesthesia wasn’t available?

CPR Anesthesia, Inc. typically schedules anesthesia providers an average of 90 days out.

Do you have trouble attracting and retaining anesthesia providers?

CPR Anesthesia, Inc. has a large network of providers to guarantee consistent coverage.

Are you providing a subsidy?

With CPR Anesthesia, Inc. managing your anesthesia department, you can significantly reduce or eliminate any subsidy you are currently paying.

Is backup readily available for unexpected illness, medical leave or other emergencies arise?

CPR Anesthesia, Inc. has a model that ensures  an adequate number of providers are credentialed with your facility.

Are you at the mercy of your current anesthesia group?

CPR Anesthesia, Inc. is flexible enough to ensure that your needs will be met to your complete satisfaction. CPR Anesthesia, Inc. manages the entire process and will handle any disciplinary issues immediately. If you have an issue with a provider which cannot be resolved through normal means, CPR Anesthesia, Inc. will find a suitable replacement quickly. You will never again be locked in with a particular provider.

Are you capitalizing on anesthesia billing?

CPR Anesthesia, Inc. has an affiliated billing company has anesthesia specific billing software as well as certified Coders and anesthesia specific Billers to ensure the greatest return on your claims.

With CPR Anesthesia, Inc. managing your anesthesia department, you can be assured that adequate and competent coverage will be provided. Our process includes the following:

  • Full-scale assessment of current anesthesiology services
  • Development of current and future anesthesia needs assessment
  • Review of current issues: clinical, financial, political and service requirements
  • Review status of current anesthesia providers
  • Strategic plan for development and formation of anesthesia departments
  • Review cost efficiencies of your staffing model and OR operation

Submitting an RFP

Contact us immediately to discuss your situation in more detail and to see how CPR Anesthesia, Inc. can provide you with a solution customized to your specific needs. In order to provide you with the most accurate proposal, please complete our confidential survey form and submit it.  We will contact you to discuss your situation in more detail.

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